Project Works
I connect the dots- ideas to implementation.

Consulting and independent contractor services for your business or association.

-Specializing in tourism, events, organizational management, hospitality and restaurants.

-Available for project work, part-time ongoing functions and recurring endeavors.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Too many balls in the air?
Let me help. I can take a project off of your list and bring it back to you. Or help you in an ongoing basis. You get help without having to bring on more employees.

How can I help you?
Project management, marketing and strategy, business solutions, project evaluation, event planning and execution, organizational structure, collaborative processes, future thinking, research analysis, editing, writing, planning, business expansion, launching a new line of business and, ugh, giving you a breather.


Corry Mihm, principal


Corry Mihm
PO Box 4885
Breckenridge, CO 80424

Discovering and Fulfilling Opportunity

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